HSC participated in PECTACON-1 which was  held in CPEIC Multan. This was the first conference of Cardiac anesthesiologists in which all the major cardiac anesthesiologists participated from all over the country. HSC presented and displayed critical care equipments, Cell saver Elite, TEG and i-STAT.

HSC has also arranged  a TEG workshop at Ch. Parvez Ellahi Institute of Cardiology, Multan on 3rd November 2016. Dr. Hassan Jamal of HSC conducted an interactive session emphasizing the features of TEG, followed by Mr.Muhammad  Saeed the technical person who explained the functioning..

The objective  of the workshop was to create awareness that adding TEG system to hemostasis management practice, can improve patients outcomes and realize cost savings through the reduction of unnecessary blood component transfusions. At the end,Professor Dr. Rana Altaf (Executive Director, CPEIC) addressed the audience and praised the HSC for conducting such an informative session.


  • DayThu
  • Date03rd
  • MonthNovember
  • Year2016