YMS I.V Burette

YMS Infusion Set with Burette – 100ml

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  • Made of Medical grade ABS material.
  • Precise volume control.
  • Superior Flow rate retention.
  • 5 feet long tube.
  • Convenience in patient movement.
  • Y-injection port for extra I.V. infusion.
  • Slip type connector.
  • Safe lock for I.V. Cannula


  • Close all clamps, Leave Filter Cap open. With I.V. bottle upright, insert Spike straight through center of bottle stopper Suspend bottle.
  • Close slide Clamp after admitting the required amount of solution into Burette and squeeze Drop Chamber till half full.
  • Connect adapter to venipuncture device. Open Roller Clamp.
  • Open Slide Clamp and fill Burette as prescribed. Close slide Clamp.
  • Perform venipuncture. Adjust rate of flow with Roller Clamp