Purecell® PL Filter 3 to 6 Units (EU)

Pall Corporation’s (Now acquired by Haemonetics Corporation) Purecell® PL High Efficiency Leucocyte Removal Filter for Platelet Transfusion from 3 to 6 Units (EU)

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  • Clinically proven media technology
  • Easy prime technology 
  • Enhanced ease of use 
  • High efficiency leucocyte removal 
  • Platelet recovery greater than 90% 
  • Minimal filter hold-up volume (5 mL after recovery)
  • Reduction of anaphylatoxin (C3a) 
  • Bedside filtration of 3 to 6 units of platelet concentrate or an equivalent single donor platelet collection

  • Clinically proven media technology protects the patient against transfusion associated complications such as microaggregates, Cytomegalovirus, immunosuppression and alloimmunisation. 
  • Ease of use has been significantly enhanced by the new filter design which provides: 
    • priming by gravity 
    • unique self levelling drip chamber allowing self priming of the filter and drip chamber 
    • new vented spike design to allow upstream of filter to drain following transfusion, maximising platelet recovery 
  • Dependably and efficiently delivers low leucocyte residuals, consistently averaging less than 2 x 105 per transfusion, affording the maximum patient protection against leucocyte related transfusion complications. 
  • Unique media allows reduction of anaphylatoxin C3a. C3a has been shown to elicit biological and pathological effects including anaphylaxis and immunosuppression. 
  • Designed to filter 3-6 units of random donor unit pools or an equivalent volume of apheresis platelets.
  • Pall’s high technology filtration media, new recovery spike and low filter hold-up volume (5 mL after recovery) provides minimal loss of platelets, typically greater than 90% recovery, without the need for saline flushing