Purecell® BPF Leukocyte

Pall Corporation’s (Now acquired by Hoemonetics Corporation) Purecell® BPF Leukocyte Reduction Filtration System for processing of red blood cells, reduces the levels of leukocytes, platelets, and microaggregates from a single unit of packed red blood cells
or whole blood. When used with a sterile connection device, permits subsequent storage of blood product with no change to original expiration date. The attached blood bag contains additional tubing for QC sampling.

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  • High red blood cell recovery
  • Rapid filtration times 
  • Patient protection against leukocyte-related transfusion complications 
  • Unique EZ Prime self-priming technology enhances ease of use (reorder code BPFB only)
  •  Availability of the Pall sterile air venting elimination system (SAVE), which utilizes state-of-the-art technology for the filtration and processing of blood components. The SAVE system makes possible the sterile venting of air contained in the blood processing filter system components while maximizing the recovery of red cells 
  • Permits storage of blood cells to the allowable outdate of the unit 

  • Laboratory filtration of one unit of packed red blood cells or whole blood
  • Consistently averaging less than 5 x 104 residual leukocytes 
  • Red cell recovery averaging greater than 90%; filter housing hold-up volume of 25 mL
  • Rapid filtration times consistently averaging 14 minutes 
  • Filter tubing is compatible with sterile connection devices for closed system processing
  • Single use 
  • Latex free