Medicaine Inj

Medicaine Inj
Dental Anesthesia
Lidocaine With Epinephrine

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  • Gives effective pain relief during & after tooth extraction.
  • Provides peaceful environment during procedures.
  • Your trusted product with high efficacy.
  • Provides longer duration of pain relief.
  • Has a high safety profile. 
  • Available in 1.8ml (36mg lidocaine) Cartridge.


Used in the dental infiltration anesthesia and all dental nerve block techniques


  • 6 mg to 40 mg in conduction anesthesia,
  • 60 mg to 100 mg in infiltration anesthesia


    • (1:100,000)
    • Available in 1.8ml (36 mg Lidocaine) x 50
    • 50 cartridges / box