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MCS®+ portable multicomponent collection system is dedicated to blood component collection including platelets, plasma, and red blood cells, and also performs therapeutic procedures. The system has single needle technology for a simple, more comfortable procedure and automated draw and return speeds that adjust to each donor’s unique flow capabilities. The MCS+ system comes with optional saline that replenishes fluids lost during donation, citrate control and monitoring to ensure the comfort of your donors, and quiet operation that is ideal for donor and patient environments. Additionally, the system incorporates protocol card technology for instant access to multiple procedures, flexibility to produce the right products from the right donors at the right time to meet patient needs, and a complete disposable set for all component combinations and patient treatments.

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  • Universal Platelet Protocol (UPP)
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE)
  • LDP, Leukodepleted Platelets;
  • LDP-RBC, Leukodepleted Platelets & Red Blood Cells;
  • PBSC, Peripheral Blood Stem Cells;
  • PPP & FFP, Platelet Poor Plasma & Fresh Frozen Plasma;
  • RBCP+, Red Blood Cells & Plasma;
  • SDR & TAE, Single Donor Red Blood Cells & Therapeutic Autologous Erythropheresis;
  • C-SDP, Concentrated – Single Donor Platelets; 8) TPE, Therapeutic Plasma Exchange.