Manual Hospital Bed(Three Crank)

3sets manual crank system*. Cold steel plate wholly molded surface, connected with arc soft join.

Automatic lifting guardrail, safe and reliable, and can be fixed upward and downward

4pcs soft crashworthy bumpers

Four truckles adopt central control system, which is stable and reliable ,2pcs urine hooks, 6pcs IV drip holes

Integrated stamping frame and treated with electrostatic spraying, anti-aging and anti-rust

Max Loading: 280 Kg

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1) Size:L2240×W1100×H450/700mm

2) Angle of back section: 0 ~ 60° (±5°)

3) Angle of leg section: 0 ~ 40° (±5°)

4) Adjustable height: 450-700mm



1) I.V.pole
2) Four center-control castors
3) Automatic lifting railing