Haemonetics Cell Saver Elite (USA)

Haemonetics Cell Saver Elite



The Cell Saver® Elite® autotransfusion system is the newest advancement in autotransfusion systems and is intended for use in surgeries in which medium- to high-volume blood loss occurs, such as trauma cases. The system delivers moderate hematocrit and helps to remove traces of undesirable components, such as free hemoglobin, and is a critical tool in helping you avoid unnecessary allogeneic transfusions. SmartSuction® technology has been integrated into the Cell Saver Elite system to increase the opportunities to reinfuse your patients with a greater number of viable red blood cells (RBCs). Additionally, the Cell Saver Elite system provides improved data collection and transfer with an integrated bar code reader, a USB port for quick download of up to 100 stored procedures, and our proprietary BloodTrack® Manager CS application for data storage and reporting.

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  • Washout performance:
    • >95% Albumin removal
    • >95% Free hemoglobin removal
    • >95% Heparin removal
  • Data Collection and Management:
    • Integrated bar code reader
    • USB port
  • Data Manager application Suction: Integrated SmartSuction® technology or manual suction up to -250 mmHg
  • Color Touch Screen: Easy-to-read graphic displays and onscreen help
  • Programmable Parameters: Ability to define user-specific collection parameters and save them for future use
  • Separation Technology: Latham bowl and blow-molded bowl
  • Multiple Bowl Sizes:
    • 70 mL
    • 125 mL
    • 225 mL
  • Improved Platelets Sequestration: Simplified disposables and user interface
  • Partial Bowl Processing: FDA cleared to wash a partially-filled bowl,
  • allowing for maximum reinfusion of red blood cells
  • Status Beacon: Prominent beacon lets the user know system status with a glance from anywhere in the OR
  • Increased Storage Space: Convenient, removable storage space to store disposable units, saline, or paperwork
  • Light Weight and Portable: Provides increased flexibility and mobility for movement through the hospital
  • Easy to Setup: New disposable layout with easy-to-load manifold