EAA™ Endotoxin Activity Assay

Spectral’s EAA™ Endotoxin Activity Assay is the only FDA cleared, CE marked rapid diagnostic for endotoxemia. Endotoxin is an early objective marker for severity of sepsis that may not be identified with traditional clinical signs. Endotoxin is the most important microbial mediator of sepsis, yet, until the EAA™, there has been no reliable method to measure it accurately in the blood stream.

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Sample Incubation
1ml whole blood
Sample Reaction 3 Tubes
40µl blood
1ml reagent
Tube 1, 2, 3
Luminescence readings
Automatic EAA™ Calculation

Up to 3 samples & 1 quality control test in one run.

Accessory items:
Repeater pipettor, 0.5ml pipettor, timer, 1.0ml sterile pipette tips, 0.5ml sterile combitips, 12.5ml combitips