Dual Lumen Kits

Thermo-sensitive polyurethane , more comfortable for the patien

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  • Soft tip reduces the risk of vascular trauma.
  •  High flow rates up to  300 cc/min at low venous pressure.
  •  Optimal positioning of arterial and venous side holes to avoid recirculation.
  •  Radiopaque catheter ensures the correct placement of the catheter tip.
  •  All parts of the catheter are made of the medical TPUs except for clamps and suture wings.
  •  The luers and the Y hub are made firmly by insert molding to ensure there is no risk of the blood leakage.
  •  Anti-slip clamps designed to help clamping the extension tubes easily and correctly.
  •  Smooth inner catheter channels to reduce the formation of the turbulence of the blood flow.
  •  A kit basically consists of:HD Catheter x 1, Injection capx 2, Introducer needle x 1, Step Dilator x 1, Guidewire x 1, Scalpel x 1, Wound Dressing x 1 supplied sterile in tray.