Dialyzer (Dialife Swiss Quality Dialysis)

DIA LS Dialyzers are composed of SYNPHAN membrane. Synthetic fiber for hemodialysis treatment

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DIA LS DIALYZERS offers distinctive advantages compared to Conventional dialyzers.

  •  Product Characteristics (Unique Polymer Composure , Multifilament Spacer Yarn , Reduced Membrane Wall)
  •  Clinical Advantages (Optimum Biocompatibility , Even Flow Of Dialysate , Improved Diffusive Clearance)
  •  Patient Benefits (Enhance Security , Unmatched Treatment Consistency , Superior Dialysis     Performance)
  •  It is significantly better than any other synthetic membrane at removing Beta 2-Microglobin
  •  Different Surface Area (1.4 , 1.6 , 1.8) sqm
  •  Sterilization with Gamma Radiation