Cold Sterilant MDT Plus 4

COLD STERILANT MDT PLUS 4 (MEDITOP CO.LTD) THAILAND is a stabilized per acetic acid product that offers state of the art cold sterilization and it is widely used for Reprocessing of Dialyzer

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MDT PLUS 4 (Concentrated Cold Sterilant / High Level Disinfection)

  • A cold sterilant that is glutraraldehyde free
  • More effective than formaldehyde , ethanol and sodium hydroxide
  • Effective against non-tuberculous mycobacteria including HIV , hepatitis viruses and microorganism when use as sterilant
  • Shelf life is 12 months from manufacturing date
  • Safety degasification system with splash-proof cap
  • Packing size is 5 Litres/Bottle