The Dornier Compact Delta II ESWL with Integrated X-ray The Dornier Compact Delta II is a fully integrated, transportable lithotripter and additional dimension in targeting accuracy with Isocenteric Ultrasound, by allowing real-time monitoring of the disintegration process. The focal area can be continuously monitored to ensure precise stone targeting, which maximizes shockwave delivery and minimizes … Continue reading “The Dornier Compact Delta II”

    The Dornier Compact Sigma The Complete Solution Real world therapeutic effectiveness and minimization of side effects were the design objectives. Today hundreds of customers worldwide trust the Dornier technology. With high penetration depth and a wide dynamic range, the EMSE 140f is ideal for a spectrum of applications – from low-energy analgesic therapy to low-anesthesia … Continue reading “The Dornier Compact Sigma”

    True Excellence in Endourology and Lithotripsy Nothing matches the Dornier Gemini multifunctionality in terms of features and versatility. As endoscopy, ESWL, and Percutaneous procedures become increasingly prevalent in modern urology, the need for multifunctional workstations with open patient access, extraordinary imaging, and shockwave positioning flexibility has become increasingly important. Ensures the optimal solution for URS, … Continue reading “Dornier Gemini”