The Dornier Compact Delta II

The Dornier Compact Delta II ESWL with Integrated X-ray
The Dornier Compact Delta II is a fully integrated, transportable lithotripter and additional dimension in targeting accuracy with Isocenteric Ultrasound, by allowing real-time monitoring of the disintegration process. The focal area can be continuously monitored to ensure precise stone targeting, which maximizes shockwave delivery and minimizes r

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The Dornier Compact Sigma

The Dornier Compact Sigma The Complete Solution
Real world therapeutic effectiveness and minimization of side effects were the design objectives. Today hundreds of customers worldwide trust the Dornier technology. With high penetration depth and a wide dynamic range, the EMSE 140f is ideal for a spectrum of applications – from low-energy analgesic therapy to low-anesthesia stone treatment to high-energy pseudarthrosis application.

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Dornier Gemini

True Excellence in Endourology and Lithotripsy
Nothing matches the Dornier Gemini multifunctionality in terms of features and versatility.
As endoscopy, ESWL, and Percutaneous procedures become increasingly prevalent in modern urology, the need for multifunctional workstations with open patient access, extraordinary imaging, and shockwave positioning flexibility has become increasingly important. Ensures the optimal solution for URS, PCNL or ESWL as its system’s range of applications is ideal for all endoscopic and percutaneous techniques.

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Toray TQS – 88

Supported by the advanced technologies of Toray, the TQS-88 (Type) offers comfortable dialysis to patients and easy operation to medical staff.

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  • Safety and Reliability for treatment by advanced technology.
  • Ergonomic design & convenient operation.
  • Optional functions for comfortable dialysis treatment.
  • kt/v indication function
  • Toray’s Reliable Volumetric UF Control (Closed circuit system) & improvement of maintenance mode.
  • Effective maintenance assistant
  • Lowest Energy Consumption.

  • Large vertical Display 10.4 inch TFT Touch Panel
  • Patrol Lamp (4 Colors)
  • Melody Alarm
  • Self Test of Hydraulic Line
  • TMP Monitor / TMP Alarm
  • Maintenance Window shows operation of each component
  • Compliance with EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) requirement

Dialyzer Reprocessor System


Automatic Reprocessing of Dialyzer for multiple uses on same patient

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KIDNY-KLEEN Dialyzer Reprocessor Model COMPACT, bring the Complete Automated Reprocessing

  • High Quality Performance (Cleaning , Volume Testing , Leak Testing & Sterilant Filling)
  • Accuracy and Safety Operation (AAMI Standardization)
  • Effective Processing Time (Approximate 9-10 minutes / Dialyzer)
  • Less Cost Consumption (Labor , Sterilant and Water)

Water Treatment Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems Aqua One & EPRO Series

  1. Loop / Ring Base Systems
  2. Open / Storage Base Systems
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Aqua 1

  • No Storage / No Bacterial Growth
  • Direct feed to Dialysis Machines
  • Complete Stainless Steel 316L                                                                       
  • All Safety Features
  • All Indication Available
  • Energy Saving
  • Water Saving
  • Complete Automatic
  • AAMI Standers Water Quality


  • Aqua One 250 LPH to Aqua One 1500 LPH
  • Recovery 50 % ~ 70 %
  • Loop / Ring Pressure 2 Bar ~ 3 Bar                                                                      
  • Dual High Pressure Multistage Pumps
  • Local Assembled


  • EPRO 1500 GPD to EPRO 10000 GPD
  • Recovery 25 % ~ 50 %
  • Storage with Sterilization system
  • Single High Pressure Multistage Pumps
  • Local Assembled

Electronic Dialysis Recliner with Weighing Scale

Passion dialysis recliner is innovated with integration of chair and bed to create a very comfortable sitting and lying position for long dialysis treatment. it combines all important functions for the daily care with a good value performance ratio.

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  • Upholstery with polyurethane
  • Luxurious with light color makes good mood treatment and agreeable enviroment
  • Digital weighing system
  • Space saving only 1.4 sq.m
  • Wireless transmission of data to the Hospital Computer
  • Multi position electronic adjustment with CPR
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Brake Castors

  • Total Length: 1920mm
  • Width: 700mm
  • Height: 520mm~840mm
  • Net Weight : 90 Kg
  • Safe maximum load: 240Kg
  • Power supply: AC 110V~240V 50Hz/60Hz 100VA
  • Digital weighing range: 0~240Kg

Electronic Dialysis Chair with Weighing Scale

Modern Design, High Quality Materials, Modern detailed finishing of the upholstery as well as mechanical and electrical parts underline the high standard of the Comfort-line.

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  • Remote Control to adjust the desired comfortable position.
  • Brake castor provides additional safety for your patients.
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Arc push is easy to move the chair.
  • Removable pillow convenient for patients to use.
  • Removable handrails
  • Easy access to the three motors under the sitting segment.
  • Control Box inside the chair.
  • Optional Features for all models i.e. Tray or table, I.V Pole, Foot Switch, T.V, CD Player


Dialyzer (Dialife Swiss Quality Dialysis)

DIA LS Dialyzers are composed of SYNPHAN membrane. Synthetic fiber for hemodialysis treatment

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DIA LS DIALYZERS offers distinctive advantages compared to Conventional dialyzers.

  •  Product Characteristics (Unique Polymer Composure , Multifilament Spacer Yarn , Reduced Membrane Wall)
  •  Clinical Advantages (Optimum Biocompatibility , Even Flow Of Dialysate , Improved Diffusive Clearance)
  •  Patient Benefits (Enhance Security , Unmatched Treatment Consistency , Superior Dialysis     Performance)
  •  It is significantly better than any other synthetic membrane at removing Beta 2-Microglobin
  •  Different Surface Area (1.4 , 1.6 , 1.8) sqm
  •  Sterilization with Gamma Radiation

Kawasumi Renak CTA

Hollow Fiber Dialyzer

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  • Excellent molecular substance removal  
  • Possible to remove B2-MG by means of diffusion 
  • Excellent biocompatibility and Low albumin leakage 
  • High quality and high performance dialyzer

  • Surface Area 1.2 , 1.5, and 2.0
  • Fiber Cellulose Tri Acetate
  • Sterilization by Gamma – Ray Irradiation (Wet Type)